You Need These Basic Kitchen Utensils!

Basic Kitchen Utensils

Necessary Kitchen Utensils for every baker and cook.

You are ready to take up baking. A brand new cookbook has caught your attention and you have found a great cookie recipe that you want to try.   You have the ingredients but do you have all of the kitchen utensils and tools needed to make this recipe a success?  Here are some basic kitchen pieces that every baker and cook need to have.

Measuring Cups (Both Liquid And Solid)

Don’t be dense and presume that a regular cup or mug will work when measuring the amount of flour or sugar that you will utilize for your batter. In baking, one has to be precise or the results will suffer badly. This means always using accurate, well defined measurements in sorting your ingredients.  Measuring cups help to make sure that you are adding the proper amount into your batter or mix.  It’s important to have two separate sets of measuring cups.  One set will be for liquids.  This set will usually be glass and will have a pour spout on it.  The second set is for dry ingredients.  These cups are in a variety of different sizes and you fill the cup to the top, run a knife over the top to remove excess, and add the dry ingredients to the mix.

A Flour Sifter

It essential that your active ingredients, particularly flour,  are free of any lumps or unwanted contaminants. You simply can’t rake through your flour with a fork or your fingers to do this. That would resemble finding a needle in a haystack. You need to get a sifter. The sifting procedure not only would break up the clumps, it also aerates your flour, therefore giving it more volume. For best outcomes, sort just small amounts at a time. This does not just avoid spills but it makes sifting simpler and much faster.

You Must Have A Good Spatula (or three)!

Have at least three good spatulas on hand when baking.

This most basic of all kitchen utensils is important in baking as it is used for mixing batter, dough and any other set of ingredients.  Spatulas are commonly made of bamboo, rubber, aluminum or silicone.  Every experienced baker or cook will give you advice about spatulas and tell you to have an assortment of them on hand.

Oven Mitts

These mitts are often made out of heat and flame resistant fabric and are usually insulated. Used properly oven mitts can offer you defense in the kitchen from burns.  Keep in mind that they are not invincible from hot liquids which might still seep through the material.


A Good Sturdy Rolling Pin

In shaping and flattening your dough, utilizing a rolling pin is more useful so you may as well forget about the ides of kneading or molding it with your bare hands. Rolling pins are typically made up of wood, glass, marble, stainless steel or plastic.

Rolling Pins

Cookie Cutters

After you have mixed your dough and it has firmed up a bit in the refrigerator you are now all set to shape your cookies. This is a great time to use a cookie cutter.  Cookie cutters are normally made from tin, stainless steel, copper, plastic or aluminum.  They are simple tools and are created to cut cookie dough in particular unique shapes. Styles include stars, hearts, moon circles, shapes and squares to name a couple of. Kids will surely be enticed to get one of these cookie characters.

Plunger Style Cookie Press

The basic cookie press is a common and well known baking tool used to press styles and designs on cookies. It is normally composed of a cylinder which has a plunger on the other end. Designer plates are attached to the press to mark the cookies.  You can find a wide assortment of plates for most cookie press units online.

You are all delighted to skim through that recipe book and discover yourself the ideal dish to direct you into making tasty cookies that you can impress your family and buddies with. Are you armed with the suitable baking tools for your cookie objective?   Every baker has received tips from other bakers about what type of tools and utensils to have on hand.  Make sure your kitchen has these basic utensils.