Let’s Bake Some Cookies!

Baking Cookies

Baking cookies seem pretty easy, particularly if you bake pre-packaged cookie dough, but in fact it is a complex set of chemical interactions. If you do not know your ingredients and their interactions, learning about the chemistry of your cookies will help enhance your baking technique. Follow this old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie recipe, and discover the different ingredients and the interactions that happen during the preparation and baking of the cookies.

Be Smart And Follow The Recipe

The ingredients must be mixed using exact proportions to make an excellent cookie.  There are very good reasons to follow the recipe. Otherwise, your cookies will not come out at all! Mix the dry ingredients together using a stand mixer. Make sure that all the dry ingredients are combined well into a ball of dough. Then, take your cookie cutter and put the flattened end into the oil in your oven. Turn your oven on to bake the cookies and wait till they begin to brown and begin to push out of the oven.

How To Bake Cookies

Baking sugar cookies are made with brown sugar or brown powdered sugar. These mixers are used to mix all the dry ingredients together and then roll out the mixture into biscuits. Some recipes call for a special type of flour to give the cookies their great flavor and texture. All-purpose flour is usually used in baking cookies and is available at any grocery store. Avoid instant or prepared mixes as they usually contain refined sugar and additives which detract from the overall flavor of the cookies.

In your cookie recipe, you will specify whether or not to use a cookie container. If you won’t be keeping the cookies for long, you can omit the container. However, if you have more time, you should use a plastic container that comes in several assorted sizes. The plastic container allows the cookies to cool and sit in the refrigerator until ready to serve. They do not heat up when they are stored in the refrigerator. If you want your cookies to retain their shape and appearance, then you should not wash the containers before you use them.

Always Bake At The Right Temperature

Another important tip for cookie baking is to keep the temperature of the oven at the suggested level. Your cookie dough needs to bake evenly, and most cookies rise during baking.  Make sure your oven is working properly and can maintain an even heat.

One very important thing to remember when making cookies is that shortening, butter, and sugar are all complex carbohydrates. It is not possible to digest all of these ingredients at one time without creating an undesirable effect. To solve this problem, it is often easier to simply mix all of the ingredients in a container. Once the ingredients are mixed, you will then be able to add them to the batter with the rest of the ingredients.